Home of Quebec's Hovawart

Welcome to my home page!

I have a passion.... dogs.  Especially The Hovawart! This breed is a fabulous one and I love it very much. This new breed comes from Germany and these dogs are able to do a lot of tasks. Indeed, you need to know that Hovawart is the seventh utility breed in Germany. This means it can do different works like helping deft people, search and rescue, obedience, tracking and protection and they can enjoy any activity you wish to practice with them. Hovawart likes to have a job to do. It needs exercices everyday. But not too much.

Since I bought my first Hovawart fiteen years ago I have had the chance to buy six other. I have four Hovawart at home at the moment. Three have leaved home for a better world. We will never forget them. The names of those who are still alive are Fenja, Caramba, Cosak and my marvelous Doutchka.

This site's objective is to present the Hovawart breed and also to introduce those dogs who have shared our life and those who are still making our life so interesting and sunshiny.

We hope you will discover this very special breed like we did long time ago. We hope you will find how beautifull, clever and brilliant these dogs are and why people could be interested by them.

This site is still under construction. So you will find other information in the future. Enjoy your visit!

Michel Roy
Hovawart is a wonderful breed. Comes and see my website. I present my own Hovawart dogs, plus History of Hovawart, Temperament of Hovawart, Pictures of Hovawart and Standard of Hovawart. I also offer you many Hovawart links. Don't forget to visit the Hovawart FAQ section where you will find information about this breed and also the Hovawart News section from time to time.