Caramba Cosak Doutchka Fenja


I always liked dogs. Many years ago I had a female rottweiller. She was beautiful and she was doing very well in obedience training. I trained her to the O.T.Ch. degree. She died six years ago. I was very sad and I began to search for an another dog. But I did not want to have another rott because I thought it would be extremely difficult to find a rott as good as mine. So, I searched for a new breed. I was looking for a dog who would be a good family dog as well as a practical dog. Looking at different French magazines, I finally found the Hovawart in "Atout chien". The description seemed to suit my hopes. I decided to call a breeder in France. Very soon we came to an arrangement. I had to wait almost one year to get a beautiful blond puppy and I don't regret my desicion.

Today, I still have four dogs.  Fenja and Caramba are both spayed. Recently I imported a young male from France (Cosak) and a wonderfull female from Italy. Her name's  Doutchka.

We present them here.

We also have an "In Memoriam" section to remember our former dogs to you.