The Hovawart is a rare breed in Canada and United States. He is a "rebirth" of an old German breed existing in the Middle Ages.

German Breeders re-created the breed since 1922. M. K. F. König was the leader of this reconstruction. The Hovawart originated from the cross-breeding of different breeds including Alsatians, Newfoundlands, Kuvaszok and Leonberger.

Nowadays, we mostly can find the Hovawart in Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden and Great Britain.

There are very few subjects in the United States and Canada.

One of the reasons for this, is the fact that each and every Hovawart Club pays particular attention to the quality of the genitors, to eliminate hip dysplasia and other diseases. This reduces the number of dogs a breeder can breed with and reduce the number of litters.

A second reason is that there is very few breeders in North America.

A third raison is that it is very difficult to find a good male or female to breed with. There are only few dogs available for breeding in US and Canada. And before to use a dog for breeding we need to make sure it is in good health. This means at least to have good hips, elbows, eyes and Thyorid and not have any disqualifying fault according the standard.

Also, breeders needs to choose the genitors very carefully and absolutely avoid too much in-breeding (>6%) which could introduce genetic deseases in their line breed.

Finally, aiming to enlarge the gene pool in North America, a breeder would wish to buy dogs from Europe. But there is no need to say that it is very expensive to import a dog from Europe.

But the good news is that there is now a little Hovawart community which is growing slowly in America....




K. F. König


January 2000 Raymonde and Michel Roy send to the Canadian Kennel Club a request to put the Hovawart in the Miscellaneous class. This allowed them to participate in Obedience trials with their Hovawarts.  
October 2000 CKC agreeded and included Hovawart in the Miscellaneous class of breeds.  
February 2002 Raymonde and Michel Roy send to the Canadian Kennel Club a request for formal recognition of the Hovawart.  
2002 First Referendum failed. Only 24.1% of membership voted  
2004 Second Referendum succeeded. More than 25% of membership voted and agreeded to recognise Hovawart.  
2005 Full recognition of the Hovawart breed.  
Our Lancelot des Trois Petits Diables (#1089667) was the first Hovawart which has been officially registered by the Canadian Kennel Club. Its purebred dog Certificate of Registration was delivered December 5, 2005.  

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